#DogsAtPollingStations is back as Britain heads to the ballot. The race to No. 10 is unfolding, and our canine companions are dutifully stationed outside polling stations up and down the country

Introduced in 2015 and going from strength to strength with each major vote, #DogsAtPollingStations is back. Today Britain heads for the polls, accompanied by the best of companions. As the rain comes down and the race to No. 10 unfolds, dogs up and down the country are outside polling stations waiting for their masters and providing much hilarity as they do so, as only dogs can. Here are just a few of The Field’s favourites.

We must make the rural vote count today. Whether you are a farmer, forester, fisherman or foxhunter, Simon Hart MP explains why the countryside needs the Conservatives. Be certain to read why you need to vote Conservative to keep our countryside before casting your vote.


From the youngest pups to canines taking their duty seriously to an entrant that isn’t even a dog… Here is the very best of #DogsAtPollingStations.

Hounds know that those who hunt together, vote together.

We have some new faces as young pups take their very first trip to the polling station. Best to start them young.

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Others are polling station regulars and delighted to be back.

And some are simply doing as they are told…

Some dogs are taking their democratic duty incredibly seriously.

Others are calling for policies of their own devising. #Dogmocracy

Some, are happy to wait without demanding a vote of their own – but only if provided with a suitable bench.

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Others were less than impressed by their #DogsAtPollingStations treatment.

Some haven’t fully grasped the concept of #DogsAtPollingStations. Turns out dogs can have embarrassing parents too…

But you can always count on one person ruining the fun for everyone else…


#DogsAtPollingStations is for all, regardless of political party, race, class or breed. So in the interests of inclusiveness, why should a polling station be a pre-requisite for #DogsAtPollingStations? #DogsAtPostboxes is yet to take off, but perhaps in the future…

And if a polling station needn’t be a pre-requisite for #DogsAtPollingStations, neither should being a dog – argues Ranger the horse.

So take the dog and get down to your local polling station to cast your vote today. It’s time to make the rural vote count – and get an excellent #DogsAtPollingStations snap while you’re at it.