Find out where you can purchase a plain woollen tank top for your child that isn't overly fussy.

A woollen tank top is a great way to combat the beginnings of the winter chill. Knowing where to find a miniature sized woolen tank top for your child isn’t the easiest of tasks. Many v-neck sweaters that are geared up for the younger wardrobe are filled with patterns and bobbles.  The royals themselves have displayed a fondness for a patterned woolen tack top on a few occasions.  Little Prince George has been seen to wear his soldier embroided woollen tank top proudly during the winter months. As vibrant as it might be, often we just want simplicity and function. Find out where you can find a plain woollen tank top.

QUERY: I am trying to find woollen, V-neck, sleeveless sweaters for my young grandsons to wear that aren’t navy blue. It seems impossible to find one that is plain, simple and basically a smaller version of an adult’s. They are useful for the young during the shooting season as a light and warm extra layer. If you manage to locate such a company may I have the telephone number rather than website details as I haven’t yet ventured into the world of computers.



Field readers recommend where you can locate yourself a woollen tank top.

A traditional, pure lambs wool, V- neck tank tops made in Britain can be purchased from Bonnie UK. They come in three soft colours (moss, denim and mushroom) for children aged two to eight and cost £36. All of the woolen tank tops are hand designed and made out of lambswool and are manufactured in the UK.  The boys’ jumper range include tank tops, polo jerseys & crew necks.

Contact Bonnie UK at the The Old Bakehouse, Wootton St Lawrence, Hampshire RG23 8PE, tel 0844 4720094. The less computer phobic can visit