Hunt coats get covered in mud, so how to clean them? We recommend the best clothes brush to clean a hunt coat to keep it clean even in the muddiest of conditions

As the season wears on we must prepare for the mud. As we race to stay with the hounds and tackle the most terrifying runs, we will inevitably be left less than clean. So find out where to find the best clothes brush to clean a hunt coat. You will need it this season. Brush up, look smart and have a great day out in the field.

The forecast for mud is very probable to high when aboard your mount but for those that hit the ground in pursuit it is an entirely different story. Taking a tumble will require extra time spent cleaning the hunt coat. But it could also result in membership to an exclusive club and a ticket to the hunt’s most enjoyable do of the season. Read tumblers’ club: falling, with grace to find out why an involuntary dismount isn’t disgraceful, but rather a blessing in disguise. And make sure you know how to mind your manners before you enter the field this season. Read hunting etiquette and manners in the field.


I am struggling to find a clothes-brush to clean my hunt coat, which is often very muddy (although last winter was much kinder than most). Do you know a company that can provide an appropriate clothes-brush?
JCC, Hants

It is advisable to use a pure-bristle clothes-brush rather than a nylon clothes-brush that could be too harsh. A good clothes-brush will tease the mud from the hunt coat rather than scrub it off.

Kent Brushes sells a cherry-wood, natural-bristle clothes-brush (CC20) that is doubled sided. The clothes-brush has stiff bristles on one side and soft the other. The stiff side is good for removing dirt and mud and the soft side is suitable for more gentle brushing. It costs £40. Call 01442 232623 or purchase online from their website.