A good functional hat is an important piece of attire for stalkers. Trying to find the correct hat without the flaps and unneccesary frippery can prove tricky.


The correct deerstalking hat is a crucial accessory for any stalker. Spot a hunter stood against the edge of a misty woodline and it is apparent that the correct deerstalking hat is the best way to camouflage, and keep warm.

A smart and well-tailored piece of kit might look the part, but there is no need for unnecessary flaps and decoration. When choosing the correct deerstalking hat, fashion is not be the focus. Your choice of clothing needs to be durable and comfortable to allow discreet movement. It is also essential that deerstalking kits are warm and allow you to camouflage with your surroundings.

When you have found the correct deerstalking hat, start looking at The Field’s ultimate list for the 50 best sporting estates in Britain. Read also our piece on Stalking in the Outer Hebrides for more ideas. When you have returned from your solid day of deerstalking, look no further than our grilled venison with runner bean salad recipe for inspiration..

The Field has the best advice on what to wear when shooting. We suggest the comfort of natural fibres; a fine merino wool T-shirt worn underneath a shirt tends to do the job.


QUERY: I have been searching for a deerstalker hat without the ear flaps. They were popular some years ago but now seem to be extinct. Can you help?
JB, Devon


Field readers tell us where we can buy a deerstalker hat:

“A deerstalker hat made with a narrow brim and no earflaps can be purchased from www.scotweb.co.uk. This tweed “Ghillie” hat, handmade in the traditional way, comprises six to eight triangular panels, can be folded in the middle, comes in four sizes (S-XL) and costs £35”.  For details, tel 0800 634 8640.