To celebrate one of Britain's best institutions, The Field is looking for Britain's best Agas. Enter our Aga competition today, entries close 3 January 2017

Enter The Field’s Aga competition today to celebrate one of Britain’s best institutions. If you have an Aga as old as the house, an animal that loves to toast its paws or a recipe requested time and again which uses the Aga as its secret ingredient, we want to hear from you.

Send your entries to to be in with a chance of winning a set of Aga cookware or a £150 voucher for the Aga Cookshop. Entries close 3 January 2017.


No rural kitchen is complete without an Aga. They heat the house as well as supper, dry sodden tweed and are a savvy gundog’s “spot”. Post-sporting evenings would be less convivial, and much chillier, without them.

The Field's Aga Competition. Animal

Do you have an animal permanently snuggled up at your Aga’s foot? Enter them as Britain’s best Aga Animal.

To celebrate one of Britain’s best institutions, The Field is looking for Britain’s best Agas. If you have a vintage model as old as the brick and mortar, an animal permanently snuggled up at its foot or an Aga recipe that rivals Mary Berry’s, we want to hear from you.

Enter your Aga to be in with a chance of winning a set of Aga cookware or a £150 voucher for the Aga Cookshop. Enter as many categories and as many times as you wish. Entries close 3 January 2017.


The Field's Aga Competition

Do you have a delicious Aga recipe requested by your guests time and again? Enter your recipe in our Aga Recipe category.

Vintage Aga

Are you cooking on the same Aga as your great grandmother or did you inherit an Aga as old as the house? If your Aga still takes solid fuel, or has been converted and produces ever-unpredictable temperatures but still makes the best shepherds pie, send us a picture of your Aga in its setting along with a short paragraph on its history.

Aga Animal

Is your dog permanently toasting its paws by the Aga? Have you revived a premature lamb or incubated duck eggs in the warming oven? Send us a picture of your Aga animal in its favourite spot with a short paragraph about your animal and why they love the Aga.

Aga Recipe

Do you have a recipe that only really does well in an Aga? Something supper guests request on repeat? Is the Aga your secret ingredient? Whether it is a nursery pudding, game stew or something unexpected, make a claim to Britain’s best Aga recipe. Send us a picture of the finished dish, your recipe and a short paragraph about how you created it.

Send your entries and photographs by email to or by post to The Field, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU15 7BF. You may enter each category as many times as you wish.


The Field's Aga Competition. Prize

Enter The Field’s Aga Competition to be in with a chance of winning a set of Aga cookware or a £150 voucher for the Aga Cookshop.

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  1. The Winners will win the following: (i) one (1) set of Aga cookware in pheasant textiles design to include one (1) apron, two (2) gauntlets, two (2) chef’s pads, one (1) pot grab and two (2) tea towels; or (ii) one hundred and fifty pounds (£150.00) worth of Aga Cookshop vouchers (the “Prize“).
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