Alexandra Henton

Roman roads. Wade s Causeway the remains of a 5th century Roman road high on Wheedale Moor

We follow Roman roads everyday. When we travel to a meet or set off with the dog for a shooting morning we are following in the footsteps of the Romans.…

The best cocktail making kit. Pullman Gallery Shakers from Tiffany, including an Asprey Thirst Extinguisher

The best cocktail making kit should be sleek, sophisticated and sublime. There is nothing better than a man who can handle his jigger.

Groovy in The Field in association with Cordings of Piccadilly

The Field has joined forces with Cordings of Piccadilly to give away £1,000 of Cordings clothes to the Grooviest in The Field.

Video: Spearfishing in Cornwall

Spearfishing is an unusual yet traditional way of catching one’s supper. The equipment might be modern, but the experience of hunting for the pot is ancient. Be inspired and try…

VIDEO: Hunting for Cape buffalo in Tanzania

Hunting for Cape Buffalo in Tanzania is high on most hunters wish list. But these mighty animals are one of the most aggressive and deadly. They can stalk you with…