Wine tasting

Return a shooting invitation: Wine tasting

Most shooting hosts appreciate a decent drop. The Field’s sister title, Decanter, holds a series of “fine wine encounters”, at which it’s possible to sample some of the world’s best…

2011Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache (£13 Majestic)

Blind tasting wine

I’ve never been so humiliated or embarrassed in my life. Well, I have, but I’m not going to relate that dreadful débâcle here.   About this second most humiliating and…

Chateau Senejac 2008

Wine: How to use a decanter

Decanting your wine makes every drink more delicious. Jonathan Ray tells us how and what to decant.

Christmas wine Santenay

Wine: Christmas cheers

As the fridge and cupboards fill with yuletide fare ensure your cellar is ready for the Christmas celebrations.

Celebrity wine

Wine: Celebrity vineyards

Renowned the world over as Tarzan, actor Christophe Lambert is one of many starts to have acquired a vineyard. But does the celebrity vineyard produce famous wine?