Elderberry vodka

How to make elderberry vodka

Elderberry vodka is simple to make and will last for months if you can resist it. Elderberries are not grown commercially, so the only way to get them is to…

summer wine. La Gitana.

Best summer wine 2015. Drink it now.

The best summer wine 2015 is ready to drink now. There is no season like the summer that wears its transience so sharply. The scent of a riverside lily blended…

The best hip flask recipes. Is your tipple a winner? Send it in for us to judge

The best hip flask recipe – is it yours?

THE BEST HIP FLASK RECIPE It is that time of year again, when The Field, in association with Chase Distillery, search for the best hip flask recipes in the country.…

Hendrick's gin is one of the best gins to drink now

The best gins

Gin can be a real tonic, and now there are so many great brands to chose from. Jonathan Ray is your spirit guide.

Douro Valley Port

Be a wine tourist in the Douro Valley

There are few wine regions I look forward to visiting quite as much as I do Porto and the Douro Valley. The wine, of course, is unique, be it a…

whisky, raspberry, mint, cocktail

Whisky cocktail

I knew I had reached West Coast  Scotland. Sun, rain and mist battled to be the prevailing weather, all within ten minutes. Dark and glistening burns tore through the moody…

Sangria Recipe

Sangria recipe for summer parties

Move over Pimms, sangria is making a come back this year so if you are entertaining over the summer here is all the help you need for drinks in the…

From Waitrose, Majectic and Albion Wine

When to drink sherry? Every day

The joint was jumping and there wasn’t a vicar or maiden aunt to be seen. At least, I didn’t spot one. But you never know with vicars these days. Or…


The best elderflower cordial recipe

Forget ice cream and sunscreen, it's the scent of Mike Swan's elderflower cordial that will remind you of many summers to come.