From Waitrose, Majectic and Albion Wine

When to drink sherry? Every day

The joint was jumping and there wasn’t a vicar or maiden aunt to be seen. At least, I didn’t spot one. But you never know with vicars these days. Or…


The best elderflower cordial recipe

Forget ice cream and sunscreen, it's the scent of Mike Swan's elderflower cordial that will remind you of many summers to come.

2011 Talinay Tabali Pinot Noir

The best wines for laying down, and godchildren

At a family christening recently the champagne flowed like water. So did a sparkling moscato from Brazil. Not the first country one would turn to for such a delicacy, but…

Wine tasting

Return a shooting invitation: Wine tasting

Most shooting hosts appreciate a decent drop. The Field’s sister title, Decanter, holds a series of “fine wine encounters”, at which it’s possible to sample some of the world’s best…

2011Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache (£13 Majestic)

Blind tasting wine

I’ve never been so humiliated or embarrassed in my life. Well, I have, but I’m not going to relate that dreadful débâcle here.   About this second most humiliating and…

Chateau Senejac 2008

Wine: How to use a decanter

Decanting your wine makes every drink more delicious. Jonathan Ray tells us how and what to decant.

Christmas wine Santenay

Wine: Christmas cheers

As the fridge and cupboards fill with yuletide fare ensure your cellar is ready for the Christmas celebrations.

Celebrity wine

Wine: Celebrity vineyards

Renowned the world over as Tarzan, actor Christophe Lambert is one of many starts to have acquired a vineyard. But does the celebrity vineyard produce famous wine?