In some parts of the country there is a severe over population of deer, and stalking helps to control these numbers as well as providing the opportunity of enjoying the sport.

Winter Stalking Season
In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the season for hinds and does runs from the beginning of November until the end of February. In Scotland it runs from October 21st until February 15th (March 31st for Roe).

Outdoor Clothing for Stalking
Choosing the right clothing for stalking is very important. For the winter season it needs to be warm and waterproof, provide good movement when needed, and preferably be silent.

The Game Stalker from Deerhunter is an excellent choice and is waterproof, windproof, breathable and silent.

JP Hunters Clothing

Jack Pyke have developed a great range of stealth clothing Including the Hunters Jacket and Hunters Trousers which are available in English Oak camouflage or in plain Hunters Green, and represent superb value for money.

Cleaning & Reproofing
Waterproof and breathable outdoor clothing should always be washed in a non-detergent soap, and will need occasional reproofing. We always recommend Nikwax.

Deer are very sensitive to ultra-violet light, so a non-detergent wash is even more important. This is because detergents often contain ultra-violet enhancers to make whites look whiter.

Chas E. Smith have a great range of outdoor clothing specially designed for covert activities like deer and game stalking by famous brands like Deerhunter and Jack Pyke.

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