Generations have passed since this magazine was founded in 1853 but its ethos remains the same, keeping sport at its soul and country life at its heart


The Field (or Country Gentleman’s Newspaper) trotted smartly off the printing presses for the first time in 1853 and became the indigenous organ of enthusiastic sporting households. Our first correspondent to the Letters page (a prospectus of the publication had been sent to those likely to take the paper) summed up the ‘value proposition’ rather neatly.

‘No native of any part of the globe will go so far, or endure so many hardships for the pursuit of game of any kind as the Englishman. His love also of entertaining his friends with the result of his exploits in the field is quite unsurpassed; and what is more enjoyable than the company of a few friends, and a few filberts, over a glass of the finest juice of the grape, and a good fireside? On occasion when the former are not to be had, The Field will supply the place; and when they are to be found I trust that the instruction your paper will contain will be sufficient to recommend it.’

More than 170 years later, that ethos still guides every issue. Generations have passed but our passions remain the same. With the conviviality of the all-rounder, The Field is one in whose company you want to spend some time. Never a one-trick pony, though we claim a niche, that niche is a rich vein as broad as our readers’ wide interests allow, maintaining sport at its soul and country life at its heart. It is the firm friend with whom you can still share a fireside dram at the end of the day.

This video takes you through The Field‘s long and interesting history with landmark events that we are famous for.