Advertorial: Crystal-clear vision – precise measurement – precise aim with SWAROAIM

Shoot successfully and accurately on even terrain as well as uphill or downhill.

Swarovski Optik’s unique angle shot programme called SWAROAIM  is integrated into every EL Range allowing you to define the settings easily and precisely for a corrected shooting range, to ensure that you shoot safely in steep terrain.    It measures to an accuracy of +/- 30-1375 m.

The EL Range 8×42 and 10×42 set a new standard in hunting equipment. Uncompromising transmission values of 91% in both barrels Individually adjustable twist in eye cups give spectacle wearers a full wide angle field of view137m (8×42) or 110m (10×42) 1,000m.   A smart ergonomic design has the electronics hidden in fins underneath the barrels, with a perfectly balances weight of 900g.

The EL Range an ideal partner for uncompromising long range shooting – ensuring a successful hunt at all times.

8 x 42       £ 2390.00

10 x 42     £2470.00

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