Nothing looks as well in the shooting line as a proper tweed coat, but heritage fabric can have limitations. Musto's new technical tweed brings its functionality right up to date.


Nothing encapsulates a heritage aesthetic quite like tweed. The fabric offers incredible performance qualities. It is naturally water- and wind-resistant, and has excellent heat-retentive properties. There is nothing we would rather wear in the shooting line. For the new season, Musto is pushing the boundaries of its already incredible technical tweed collection to its limits. With Gore-Tex now engineered as a new season update across the line, the best just got better.


Musto technical tweed outperforms heritage fabric

Technical tweed keeps its shape, and offers exceptional performance in the field.


Tweed’s wool fibre construction features microscopic scales that lock together and agitate when washed resulting in a stiff and coarse handle. When these fibres are damaged, tweed garments lose their shape and structure, resulting in a worn look. And who wants baggy breeks and a shapeless coat? To hold back the tide of degradation when it comes to machine washing tweed, most fabrics are treated with chlorine gas. However, this gassing process, known as Chlor Hercoset, can only be made using dull coloured yarns and can result in a coarse, stiff cloth.

Musto have come up with a solution for their technical tweed. In order to preserve the vibrancy and quality of the yarns that make up Musto’s tweed fabric, the brand has developed an exclusive plasticising process alongside the Scottish Mill. This innovative process coats the fibres and the scales, making them smooth and flexible, rather than coarse and stiff. This consolidates the cloth and ensures that the original quality, vibrancy of colour and shape are maintained when washed at 30°C. The result is a highly durable, easy-to-clean tweed garment that maintains the full integrity of its aesthetic for years to come. Benefit from this technology with the Lightweight Machine Washable Gore-Tex Tweed Jacket, which also features an exceptional two-layer Gore-Tex Z-Liner for complete weather protection.

Musto technical tweed is machine washable and emminenetly practical

Wearing the right kit on a shoot day. The Musto range combines heritage and performance with style.


Musto stretch tweed garments, such as the Stretch Technical Gore-Tex Tweed Jacket, have such an exceptional spectrum of motion built into them that they don’t require an action back. The premium Lovat Scottish Mill lambswool construction of these garments, combined with polyamide and Lycra, increases the high tensile strength and stretch of the tweed. Combine the jacket with the Stretch Technical Tweed Waistcoat and the Stretch Technical Gore-Tex Tweed Breeks for complete comfort in the field.