Hearing is a vital sense on the shooting field, but can become less acute over time. It is imperative to look after your aural health, which means earmarking the time to take regular hearing health tests

Every shooting sort knows the electric stillness that crackles over the peg before the first drive. “Live on peg” is the call as guns emerge from the shoot bus, laughter and half heard jokes fading as they fan out to walk to the pegs or butts. Dogs are sat, guns unsheathed, cartridge belts filled and the silence crackles. The art of shooting is as much about staying alert as it is bum, belly, beak, bang. You may anticipate when the birds are coming, how they might fly and how many will show. But there is one element that can give you an edge – hearing them first.

If you still want to catch the cry of the cock pheasant as he leaves the hanger wood and heads towards you it is vital that you have regular hearing check ups. Days in the field, however diligent you are with your hearing protection, result in exposure to noise that can hamper your hearing. The day you forgot your ear defenders, or left them on the gun bus, but carried on and took the shots anyway is a sure fire way to damage the sense so vital in the field.

Bloom hearing specialists

Days on the peg can lead to a loss of hearing, particularly if you have shot without ear protection at some point in the past.

But help is at hand from bloom™ hearing specialists who offer regular, free hearing health tests. The free tests are essential for those keen to hear the whistle of wigeon pinions at evening flight. Free home visits are a hallmark of the bloom™ service, and the hearing specialists offer a two week free trial and 60 day money back guarantee too. This level of service and confidence in their products is a sure fire hit with those who want to help their hearing.

The gun that takes a shot after the hallowed blast because he didn’t hear it is in for an uncomfortable dressing down, but regular hearing tests will keep you on the right side of the keeper.

And if a hearing test flags up the need for some aural assistance, then bloom™ hearing specialists are there to help you make the right choice of hearing aids. The proper sort of aural assistance is essential if you are to avoid being the gun no one wants to sit next to as ‘I’m a bit deaf in the left ear’. A good sport is a good sort, and always hears the jokes, while the hard of hearing will always find a noisy dinner party a struggle. So if you worry that the odd oversight on the field has left your hearing less acute than it used to be, contact bloom™ hearing specialists to arrange to have your hearing checked, free of charge.

Call and book an appointment on 0800 612 7994 and quote reference ADTF01 or visit the bloom™ website.