SWAROVSKI OPTIK produce world class optics that help you keep an eye on nature whatever your passion

Do you need a rifle scope for a day’s sport on the hill, a spotting scope to count game, or a set of high-performance binoculars to simply enjoying breathtaking scenery? If so, it should be the SWAROVSKI OPTIK brand that finds its way into your game bag, boot room or rucksack. Whatever your field, they have the optic to match.


Leader in the field

SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars offer precision vision

When it comes to attention to detail, precision engineering, and innovation SWAROVSKI OPTIK is known worldwide as a leader in the field. This family firm has a desire to exceed customer expectation. This means the product you pick up more than surpasses expectations. The hawk logo, chosen by founder Wilhelm Swarovski in 1949, encapsulates the brands ethos: pin-sharp vision. 


Nature is good for us

Swarovski optik binoculars are great for keen nature watchers

SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars are great for those keen on observing nature

As well as engineering excellence the SWAROVSKI OPTIK heritage is deeply-rooted in nature. The company was founded in the Tyrol, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The spirit of this landscape inspires their range of products.  “Every observation becomes a revelation, every moment an unforgettable experience.” The company is committed to a positive position on the environment, innovative energy management, and the conservation of the natural world. 


SWAROVSKI OPTIK surpasses expectations

With an eye for quality and detailed design, the company manufactures heirloom pieces; optics of a quality that will stand the test of time and are an investment for life. This is most obvious in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure 32 Binocular. 


NL Pure 32 Binocular

Whether a sportsmen scanning for quarry, an enthusiast catching a glimpse of that rare bird at twilight or simply experiencing the majesty of nature, the NL Pure 32 Binocular is a precision tool with ground-breaking optical performance. The binoculars have the largest-ever field of view with almost indiscernible edges that allow you to experience nature as never before. You can immerse yourself in the moment.

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL 32 pure binocular comes in two sizes

Available in 8×32 or 10×32 magnification and with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NL Pure 32 brings you closer to the action with a 150m (492 ft) field of view to ensure a perfect overview at all times. They are compact and light weight and have been designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The revolutionary ergonomic shape allows relaxed viewing, even for long periods, ideal in high seat or hide.

The NL Pure 32 comes with all of the essential accessories: a functional sidebag, a universal comfort strap, eyepiece cover, objective lens cover and soap & brush.


No sportsman or nature enthusiast should be without a pair of SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure 32 Binoculars (RRP from £2,210.00 –  available at selected authorised dealers and on-line).


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