For a decent day on the peg, Marsdens will ensure that your gamebirds are off to a flying start

There is nothing better when standing on the peg than being presented with birds that fly high and make a good show of it.  Giving pheasants and partridges the best start is critical to the success of any well-run shoot. Gamebirds that are fed the best diet with the highest quality raw materials produce stronger, healthier birds. For over 60 years, Marsdens has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing the UK’s leading range of game feeds. 


Gamefeed is one of the largest expenses when it comes to gamekeeping. The better the nutrition, the better the performance of your gamebirds and the more efficient cost of production. Marsdens offer a wide range of feed for all life stages of the gamebird; from Pre-Breeder, Starter, Grower and Rearer phase, through to release with supplementary Hold’em bird seed and spice mixtures. This premium range of food allows shoot owners and gamekeepers to formulate feeding strategies to best suit any shoot.


Why feed Marsdens? A key component in Marsdens’ range of game feeds is fishmeal; an unparalleled source of protein, amino acids and blend of key nutrients including oils and minerals. These help support a bird’s growth. Marsdens fishmeal is sustainably sourced – a by-product from the fish industry – and its nutrients closely mimic the gamebird’s natural food.  This unique mix of sustainably sourced ingredients, including responsibly sourced soya, have been developed by Marsdens‘ experts over 60 years. 


Delivering excellent quality nutrition is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Their game feeds are certified by the AIC Feed Assurance Scheme UFAS and through internal quality management systems. The three mills, in different parts of the country, are regularly audited to comply with UK and EU feed manufacturing regulations, with full traceability of production and materials. Customers can rest assured that the feed is manufactured to the highest of standards.


Marsdens is part of a family of agriculture feed businesses, ForFarmers, which has access to an international programme of research and development. This ensures Marsdens‘ feeds are continually pushing boundaries to improve their performance. For landowners and shoot captains who appreciate a good relationship with their suppliers, Marsden’s have dedicated Account Managers and a team in place offering support once customers have taken delivery.


We all know every day in the field counts, and that means choosing a gamebird feed that does the job. By choosing Marsdens as your nutritional partner for the season ahead you will have a range of feed specifically designed to take your gamebirds from poult, to release and finally to a shoot day and happy Guns. Successful shoot days when only the best high-flying birds will do.