Frenchman Stephane Dupille is one of Britain's best-known stockers.

Stephane Dupille is the man to visit when your stock is called into question. One of our top 10 gunsmiths this Frenchman is a whizz on English guns. Knowing when your gun might need altering can be harder than you think. And the chaps who go to see Dupille are often very keen shots who know what they want. If you are looking for a general gunsmith glance through the list of our top 10 gunsmiths.


Stephane Dupille was born in Normandy and became a student of mechanical engineering in his native country. He is a graduate of the gunmaking school in Liège (where he concentrated on action filing and woodwork). He is now one of Britain’s best-known stockers having come here in 1998. Initially he worked for Watson Bros then Holland & Holland. He is now based at his shop – Stephen and Son – at Harlington, Bedfordshire. Stephane Dupille specialises in re-stocking English guns but undertaking general maintenance, too.

“I work for the London trade and Westley Richards but also for the public with regard to stocking and renovation. Usually it is keen shooters who come to see me. They want to select their wood and have a very clear idea of what they want. I can follow the house styles of all the great makers or create something special for them. I source all wood myself. It is always hard to get good blanks now with decorative grain in the butt as well as strength through the hand. I offer a variety of finishes, including polished and matt oil. Much depends on the period of the gun; a high-gloss finish is not always appropriate,” says Stephane Dupille. Tel 01525 872522; email ; website.