John Wiseman joined the family business, and is one of the best general gunsmiths in the trade.

John Wiseman is a general gunsmith, with some specialisations. So when your gun needs to be serviced before the season starts, or calls for a tweak mid season Wiseman can do the job. But there are also more complex parts of the trade at which Wiseman excels, from gun development to engraving.

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John Wiseman entered the gun trade in 1966, joining the family business; it now spans five generations. FJ Wiseman & Co undertakes all gunsmithing tasks: gunmaking; engraving; and prototype development as well as the more mundane strip and clean and small-part replacement and fabrication. “For us it is all about our customers. They may come to us initially for a repair, stock-fitting or servicing but frequently we can help them shoot better with further modifications. We specialise in customising to improve performance but we will take on any job within reason. I particularly enjoy gunfitting. We also specialise in Browning over-and-unders, fitting sideplates and upgrading plainer guns to higher spec. And, we are happy to be the appointed service centre for Guerini,” John Wiseman says. Tel 01543 504088; email.