One of the best general gunsmiths in Britain, David Sinnerton has earned his place on our list.

Davdi Sinnerton is in the premier league of general gunsmiths. He has an absolute eye for detail. So whether your gun is a treasured hand-me-down or one of the 10 most expensive guns in the world, you can count on him putting it right. He is also a gunamker, so if you are looking to start from scratch then contact him. But just make sure it is long enough before the season starts. And while you are waiting, brush up on your skills with the Editor’s 12 top tips for game shooting.


David Sinnerton, a former Purdey finisher and a gunmaker in his own right, is one of the best general gunsmiths in Britain. He has been self-employed since the late Eighties. I have known no problem defeat him, including the trickiest repairs on obscure, single-trigger mechanisms and ejector systems. He is also a true master of cosmetic repair and restoration. “Apart from general servicing and stock repairs [David Sinnerton also offers a re-stocking service], I see a lot of malfunctioning ejectors and single triggers. Often this is down to age or wear.

Sometimes, though, there are design issues, more so on foreign guns, but these can usually be overcome with a little thought. I do advise that people get their guns looked at well out of season – don’t bring me a problem job at the beginning of August. With difficult problems, I think it is an advantage to talk to the guy doing the work directly rather than to have the gun passed on by an intermediary.” It is not without reason that David Sinnerton, who is based in West Sussex, is sometimes referred to as the gunsmith’s gunsmith. Tel 01798 813849; email.