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This side-by-side droplock shotgun by Westley Richards is a lightweight 16-bore and sweet to shoot

Mike Yardley immediately feels comfortable with the Beretta Jubilee 12-bore. He considers the Beretta Jubilee 12-bore the best of the 600 series.

Improved trigger pulls and a clever choke system makes this Browning 725 over-and-under shotgun a hit for Mike Yardley


An exceptionally attractive pair of side-by-side 20-bore shotguns, finished in England for AyA

This new pair of best London guns, the first to bear the Ray Ward name, are beautiful. Everything about the shotguns is in proportion and good taste

For a shade under £3,000 you can have a new sidelock ejector, a not unattractive gun that shoots as well as some of its higher-priced rivals

This specification of this side-by-side could not be much better for a 20-bore, and the aesthetics are to British taste. To get so much right with a new gun is…