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Ruger M77 Hawkeye

The Ruger M77 Hawkeye will benefit from the firm’s reputation, but this was not always the case. When I started as a professional stalker some 30 years ago most stalkers…

Boxall & Edmiston 20-bore over-and-under

The Boxall & Edmiston round-action 20-bore over-and-under was first seen at last year’s Game Fair “in the white” and drew much positive comment because of its elegant, dainty appearance. The…


Rigby Big Game Rifles are best to have to hand if you are hunting for cape buffalo in Tanzania. Rigby Big Game Rifles have been synonymous with John Rigby & Co (1775) since…

The Purdey Woodward .410 is extraordinarily dainty

The Purdey Woodward .410 is a dainty over-and-under. At only 5lb 2oz the Purdey Woodward .410 over-and-under is one of two exciting new Purdey guns I shot recently at the West London…


The new 20-bore version of the Browning 725 is all the more interesting because of its 32in barrels and semi-pistol grip configuration with slimmed fore-end. The firm had quite a…

Perazzi DC side-by-side review

Perazzi is famous for its over-and-unders but this month we test the new DC (Double Caccia) detachable-lock, side-by-side. The gun weighs in at 73⁄4lb with 30in, 3in-chambered barrels. It has…

EJ Churchill Coronet over-and-under review

Mike Yardley struggles to fault the EJ Churchill Coronet over-and-under shotgun in his review: it is well designed, shoots well and offers value for money

Purdey 20-bore sporter review

A fine over-and-under shotgun made with Pergugini & Visini, this sporting gun is still a Purdey