The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours is modernistic to look at but traditionally made. This long-barrelled gun is both pointable and willing for sharp targeting.

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Krieghoff K-80 Parcours


Krieghoff K-80 Parcours


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This month’s test gun is a 32in Krieghoff K-80 Parcours over-and-under imported into the UK by Alan Rhone of Wrexham. Rhone is well known for his long-standing involvement with this German company and has contributed to the evolution of this shotgun.

First impressions of the gun, a model introduced about two years ago, are that it is a big and rather unusual beast. Boldly engraved with scrollwork (one of a number of options available to the buyer), it is notable not only for its long, side-ribbed barrels (other K80s dispense with joining ribs and have a collar at the muzzles) but for its intriguing, sliding-top action. It shares this closure system with the old and once much-rated Remington 32 designed by Crawford Loomis in 1930. After the Second World War, having made about 5,000, Remington sold the manufacturing rights of the 32 to Krieghoff, which has developed the gun considerably since.

Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

Sliding-top action – Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

Valmet and Miroku have also made sliding-top over-and-unders, as have Marocchi in Italy and Damon Petrick under the Darne name in France (Darne is famous for its sliding barrel side-by-side, which pre-dates all the guns mentioned). Remington introduced a new 3200 model in the Seventies but this was discontinued in 1984. This gun type is not particularly familiar in Britain but over the years has been quite popular abroad. The advantage of the design, when combined with stud-pin hinging (as is usually the case) is that a low action profile may be achieved and many of the problems associated with bolting are eliminated. Conventional bolts and bites are replaced by the action of the top cover, which locks up by bearing against the top of the barrel or its shoulders. And because the fastening is high in relation to the hinge point, the gun absorbs stresses more efficiently.

Despite looking modernistic, the Parcours is traditionally made by hand and machine. The long action body is based on a chrome molysteel forging that is then machined. Although it shares a similar profile, trunnion hinging and a sliding top cover with the Remington 32, much of the resemblance ends there, the arrangement of the hammers being a notable exception (see box opposite). The barrels are monobloc (the regulation is slightly is different to that of other K80s) with conventional joining ribs as noted, and have 3in chrome-lined chambers with longer-than-average forcing cones to reduce felt recoil. They are bored at 18.6mm (.732in) and left unplated in the traditional manner, facilitating optimal polishing of their internal surfaces, dent removal and choke modification. This might include the fitting of Briley interchangeable chokes.

Tapered sighting. Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

Tapered sighting – Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

What makes the Parcours different is that it has joining ribs as well as a redesigned, 8mm to 6mm, flat, tapered sighting rib. The barrels are lighter, too, as the more rigid construction method allows for thinner walls.
The stock design is distinctive. It is a conventional, flat-topped style rather than a Monte Carlo with step. The grip has a slight right-hand palm swell (a left-hand option is available) and the comb of the stock is higher than previously, encouraging recoil to come back straighter. The cast is 6mm at heel and 9mm at toe. The fore-end has been slimmed and does not have a Schnabel beak. The changes add up to a significantly different gun that feels unlike its siblings in use.


The action of the Parcours is not based on a trigger plate. The chrome molysteel body is forged with solid top and bottom straps and a solid bridge. The internal mechanics are much developed from the gun that provided the inspiration, although the hammers are still powered by coil springs positioned forward and substantially concealed in the body of the action.

Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

Single selective trigger – Krieghoff k-80 Parcours

The low-set springs push from the front (most designs place the springs behind the hammers) and provide for faster-than-average lock times. The single trigger is selective and mechanically activated. The works, however, incorporate an inertia block that acts to prevent doubling. The ejection system is the same as in other K80s (hammers and coil springs in fore-end); their action is in-line rather than pivoting.


The Parcours inspires confidence between the hands and will appeal to those who like a big but pointable gun. The balance point is just forward of the hinge pin but the dynamics are lively. Long-barrelled guns usually feel pointable but they do not always feel willing. This one does. It swings well and shot simulated game targets decisively with its tight – three-quarters and full – fixed chokes (which may be regulated to specification). The barrels are relatively light for length and the trigger pulls crisp. The excellent rib leads the eye to the mark without distraction. The handling and specification of the gun not only made the application of forward allowance more precise than the average but the finding of line, too. The form of the stock, which has less bend than previously, the lighter barrels and the rib all added to the gun’s shooting qualities. Although not a gun for everyone, it is well conceived, specified and made and not overly expensive for the quality of engineering offered. A 20-bore may be in the works.

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours price: from £11,310 incl VAT
Where to buy the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours: Visit Alanrhone or call 01978 660001