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Browning 525 Crown 12-bore

Useful modifications and rich decoration mark evolution in the Browning 525 Crown 12-bore, says Michael Yardley, the latest model of the company’s popular shotgun. For more on Browning, read Michael…

Browning 725 Grade V

Micheal Yardley is pleased to test another Browning 725, an old friend featured several times in The Field. This time it is the ‘bells and whistles’ version, the Browning 725…

Browning B15 20-bore D grade

New to the famous gunmaker’s stable and hotly anticipated, Michael Yardley is impressed by the Browning B15 20-bore D grade. Visually attractive and finished to a high standard, it would…

Browning B15

Browning’s new over and under has unusual pedigree, with metal parts made in Japan but assembled and stocked at Browning’s Liège workshop. Michael Yardley is impressed by the Browning B15.…

MK60 Miroku 20-bores

The MK60 Miroku 20-bores are quite the bargain in today’s market. Michael Yardley has positive first impressions of both the aesthetic and specification and, after a go on the skeet…

Browning A Bolt 3

The Browning A Bolt 3 follows the much-respected X-Bolt and represents the firm’s entry-level rifle, intended to compete with the likes of the Ruger American or the Savage Axis. Like…

Browning 725 20-bore. Lighter version.

On test this month is the Browning 725 20-bore over-and-under. We have looked at a 725 20-bore before, the excellent 32in-barrelled Hunter (July 2014 issue). This is a lighter, 30in…


The new 20-bore version of the Browning 725 is all the more interesting because of its 32in barrels and semi-pistol grip configuration with slimmed fore-end. The firm had quite a…


Improved trigger pulls and a clever choke system makes this Browning 725 over-and-under shotgun a hit for Mike Yardley


If you want to buy a Browning 525, go for the revised version. It’s a major improvement on the manufacturer’s Japanese-made range