The October issue of The Field sees the season underway with a bang and brimming with carefully curated, exclusive content and sporting articles. We’re on the peg with reports from County Durham and Wiltshire where conservation is ensuring a positive future not just for red grouse and partridge but a vast array of wildlife. Donald Dallas champions the merits of a perfect match with his look at pairs and trios, while The Field reveals how to hit the sartorial mark with the 12 pieces of essential kit for the well-dressed shot. Jan Menzies delves into the history and often humour behind hound names as the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, issues a call to arms to protect the future of hunting.

We track the meteoric rise of the gilet as a wardrobe staple, while John Bailey explains why Tenkara fly-fishing has been a spiritual journey, and James Darley reveals the allure of spaniels. Always in tip-top condition, the October issue examines Britain’s starring role in the history of the hairbrush and how to keep pesky moths at bay, as Harry Wallop celebrates Britain’s favourite – and best-groomed – detective: Hercule Poirot. There’s Vinnie Jones on his love of country sports, Marcus Armytage on hedgelaying and much, much more.