The Field’s November issue is bursting at the seams with carefully curated, exclusive content from the very best writers in the world of fieldsports.

This month we join a Canadian shooting party in Wales for a challenging and sporting day. Michael Yardley gives his tips on how to go from an average to an expert shot, while Graham Downing explains the benefit of stalking for deer in company. We visit the Cotswold Vale Farmers for a run across an enchanted echelon of England and Tessa Waugh weighs up the vices and virtues of hunting mares. 

Roger Field investigates an important collection of fishing priests and looks back at the extraordinary history of this essential piece of fishing kit, as Sir Johnny Scott explains the joy of making one’s own walking stick and how to do it. Tawny port is gaining more and more fans every year, and Gabriel Stone investigates why it is becoming so popular. Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Smith walks us through First World War medals and explains why they should all be considered precious metal. Ettie Neil-Gallacher remembers the Tyneham evacuation 80 years on, while Martyn Baguley tells the story of how London’s ‘Aquatic Vivarium’ came to be the world’s first aquarium. 

Christmas is right around the corner and is eagerly anticipated here at The Field, so we present our hand-picked selection of what to buy with our Christmas Gift Guide. From dog beds, boxers and gilets to humidors and gin, the guide has something for everyone. 

That, and much, much more…