The Field’s special Coronation number is a collector’s edition not to be missed. It is brimming with extra features dedicated to the Royal event, as well as our usual top notch sporting content – this month with a nod to Wales. We delve into The Field‘s archives to celebrate HM King Charles III’s passion for fieldsports and nature, while Janet Menzies looks at The King’s artistic career and his inspiration. Roger Field examines the ring of steel that will surround the new King and Queen during the Coronation procession and Tony Boullemier delves into the history of the coronation. We interview The Reverend Dr Jamie Hawkey, a Chaplain to HM The King, stroll through Savile Row speaking to the masters of bespoke tailoring and Harry Wallop investigates why signet rings are once again de rigeur. 

Sam Rickitt rounds up the top Welsh shoots to visit next season and Adrian Dangar tells the story of how the Welsh hound saved its English counterparts. Sealyham terriers take centre stage at a joint meet with the Beaufort at Badminton and Richard Wilson asks whether we put too much emphasis on fly choice when it comes to fishing. We review the Franchi Esprit side-by-side and Sir Johnny Scott advises young shots to head to a shooting school and practise over the summer months. 

Tom Godber-Ford Moore pays tribute to the Royal Family’s love of cooking outdoors; we tell the story of the swan; Ursula Buchan explains why the lime tree should be held in higher regard and we celebrate the life and work of Norman Thelwell – one of Britain’s best-loved cartoonists. 

That, and much, much more…