The Field’s June issue is a Best of British special; full to the brim with features championing this great isle, as well as our usual top-notch content. Allan Mallinson tells the story of Lawrence Burn, the last veteran of the regiment that spearheaded the Normandy landings on D-Day 80 years ago. Janet Menzies discovers why British-made Longthorne shotguns are true works of innovation while Matt Clark explains how this country has blazed a trail in air-rifle development. Adrian Dangar tells how the Old English hound is enjoying a revival, and Carolle Doyle reflects on how the mighty British Shire horse has come full circle and can look forward to a bright future. Charles Rangeley-Wilson examines our unique chalkstreams and the rare salmon that swim in them, as Harry Wallop asks whether ‘proper’ gentlemen’s shoes are going the way of the bowler hat. 

As summer approaches, James Fisher delves into the evolution of the cricket bat and we champion the sporting British pub, a beacon for those who love hunting, shooting and fishing. Miranda Gundenian, The Field’s Nature Writing Competition winner, explains why preserving Britain’s historic roses is vitally important. 

That and much, much more…