The Field’s fishing special is full to the brim with features dedicated to the rod, fly and fish, as well as our usual top-notch content. Tobias Coe chases monster wild trout on the famous Scottish salmon rivers, while John Bailey explains why we must change our expectations to ensure fishing’s survival and how wild fishing may be the answer. We reveal the 10 trout flies essential to help ensure success on the riverbank this season and Mike Daunt examines the extraordinary life cycle of the European eel. Paul Whitehouse, the popular actor, writer and presenter of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, is this month’s Field Interview while Philippa Davis creates three deliciously different seafood dishes. 

Simon Reinhold explains how the boxlock, sidelock and trigger plate actions came to be, and we celebrate the hunting fathers inspiring the next generation. Colin Brazier examines the sporting similarities of cricket and shooting while Lucy Higginson looks into why the rivers still reign in regatta season. Sarah Fitzpatrick reveals the season’s best picnicking opportunities and how to eat in the open air in high style. David Tomlinson shines a spotlight on solitary bees, explaining why these vital pollinators deserve more attention, while Roger Field looks at the development of tournaments and Sir Johnny Scott advises young shots to understand the work that goes on around a shooting estate in the off season. 

That, and much, much more…