The Field’s January issue kicks off our 170th-anniversary year with a bang. It is brimming with brand-new content and sporting articles. From testing steel shot on challenging pheasants on Saddleworth Moor to a round-up of the best shotguns available for less than £2,500. We look at hunting whips and the fascinating stories behind them, and talk to those in the know about their gamebooks, and why we should be keeping one. Don’t miss Roger Field trying to catch a salmon on a bonefish fly (and vice versa) and we give you the chance to test your sporting knowledge in The Field Quiz 2023. Are you a Field Master or a Field Mushroom? 

We dip more than a toe in the history of traditional Scottish reeling, while asking what makes the perfect murder-mystery manor and why we give such a hoot about British owls. There’s an insight into Alfred Russel Wallace, the man who contributed so much to evolutionary thought, the first offering our new gardening column and foodie page, an interview with the nation’s favourite farmer Gareth Wyn Jones and handy guidance to young shots from Sir Johnny Scott. 

Happy New Year from The Field.