The Field’s February issue is brimming with the best sporting adventures to be had overseas; from testing rock pigeon in South Africa and flicking a fly across Albania’s crystal rivers in search of a trout to climbing in the Mont Blanc massif (and why it is so accessible). We round up the top foreign gundog breeds and investigate how the safari jacket has lost none of its appeal as a piece of field fashion.

We showcase a thrilling beaters’ day in the Cotswolds while Sarah Kate Byrne enjoys a convivial day and merry evening with the Middleton. We hear the stories of those lucky enough to have achieved The Field’s Macnab Challenge this season and discover why MFHA chairman Andrew Osborne is rowing solo across the Atlantic. Celebrated war correspondent, broadsheet editor, author and passionate countryman Sir Max Hastings tells us about his enduring love of fieldsports while Sir Johnny Scott advises young shots on how best to succeed in roost shooting.