There is nothing that celebrates Christmas in the country more than a copy of The Field. We were founded not long after Dickens (one of our first readers) wrote A Christmas Carol, and ever since have championed the fieldsports and pastimes that make our countryside community what it is. At Christmas that community leaps into the spotlight as our favourite quarry species roam over festive card and biscuit tins. The joyful and celebratory nature of what we do finds its place on shelves and in hearts; witness the Boxing Day crowds, partridges in pear trees and the goose on the table.

Our world is vibrant, strong and fun – just like our splendid December issue. There are testing birds in North Yorkshire and a winter’s day in Perthshire, the beauty of Damascus barrels and why the woodcock season is vital. We reveal the best connected fieldsports fixers to add to your little black book, follow hounds in the Zetland country, discover whether Boxing Day or Christmas Eve makes for the best hunting and celebrate with hunting carols. The turkey vs goose (which side are you on?) debate rages, Christmas puddings, the best food to take for the festive house party and the games guaranteed to elicit ridiculous behaviour all feature, including so much more. And for those who prefer white sand to white snow at Christmas we go DIY fly-fishing in the Caribbean.

An issue brimming with the best of festive fieldsports, and bonhomie.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.