The redesigned April issue is our conservation special. Miles Malone talks to those battling to save the iconic turtle dove, while Jonathan Muir looks at a salmon survival project on the Dee and Ian Coghill asks what we actually mean by ‘conservation’. We join chef Jose Souto on a deerstalking journey that begins in the field and ends with a muntjac on the dinner table and The Field guides you through the best stalking rifles to suit any budget.

Octavia Pollock says goodbye to the world of roads and cars during a timeless day following hounds with the South Dorset, and Steven McGonigal celebrates lurchers: the one-time ‘poacher’s dog’ with a wide fan base in town and country.

We take a look at this country’s long history of hoaxing while Neil Clark explains why Red Rum is unquestionably not just the greatest to ever win the Grand National but the best steeplechaser the world has ever seen. 

We introduce our new columnist Gabriel Stone, look to test your knowledge with our fiendish Field crossword, as well as all of our regulars too.