To celebrate the DVD release of eccentric British comedy Morris: A life with Bells July 26th; we have 10 copies to give away.

Morris stars a delightful British cast including Sir Derek Jacobi, Charles Thomas Oldham, Naomie Harris, Sophie Thompson and Greg Wise Morris, in a truly entertaining tale of an avant-garde folk dancer, Derecq Twist (Oldham) and his Morris team who struggle to modernise folk dance.

The Morris team are followed by a film crew who report their highs and lows. However, when the team’s antics provoke The Morris Circle (the governing body of Morris dance in England) Derecq decides to give up dancing.

After seeing Derecq in such a state, the producer of the documentary comes to visit Derecq as a friend; he decides to intervene and encourage him to turn his life around again.

From the gentle rolling hills and slow paced life of his home in England, Derecq is plunged into the glamour and buzz of California where he finds artistic freedom with a group of flamboyant Morris dancers sponsored by a billionaire philanthropist. 

For your chance to win just answer the following question:
What is the governing body of Morris dancing known as?

A. Morris Circle.

B. Morris Ring.

C. The Association of Moris Dancers

To enter send your name, address and telephone number to Alexandra Henton

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