The notorious Old Berks Hunt, top dogs on the Oxfordshire pantomime scene, are returning to the stage this February. Following the huge success of their previous productions, including ‘The Hound of Music’ and ‘Aunt Edwina’ this year’s production will be ‘From Rosa With Love’. An original script by Nick Boyd it stars Rupert Lycett Green and Peter Baring alongside many other popular ‘Aunt Edwina’ cast members.

The plot centres on a character named Bond, who on returning from a secret mission in Oxfordshire is called to a meeting with the CIA who instruct him to return to Old Berks country and suppress any local antipathy towards the Government’s questionable plans to move the Olympic Games from London to Swindon. Bond is angered by this request, believing the CIA and Government are acting illegally and subsequently resigns.

The plot thickens when the sinister villainess Ernestine Stavro Blowhard enters the picture, armed with a merciless resolve and an insatiable desire to become the first female President of Europe, no matter who or what she must remove along the way…

‘From Rosa with Love’ will be showing at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall, Uffington on Wednesday 24th February until Saturday 27th February 2010. Tickets are available from £20. Curtain Up is at 7.45pm. For tickets and more information visit