Boxall & Edmiston were founded in 2009 by James Edmiston and Peter Boxall, and the 20 bore over adn under is the latest edition to their growing range.

First seen in the white at the 2013 CLA Game Fair at Ragley it is now engraved and ready to be revealed at the British Shoting Show 2014.

The 20 bore has been designed by Boxall and his team at the Boxall & Edmiston
factory in Shropshire.

The new model follows the success of the round action,
and later square sideplated, 12 bore over and unders. 16 bores are also in
development using a scaled version of the 20 bore lockwork with dedicated

Peter Boxall, Proprietor and Managing Director of Boxall & Edmiston:

“The range of over and unders have been developed by our team of
engineers and craftsmen, every one of which is a shooter which we believe makes
a big difference. Every model is tested by the whole team, whether they be
artisan, gunmaker or engineer, and their input is evident in every gun.”


James Edmiston, Proprietor and Managing Director of Boxall & Edmiston:

“The 20 bore over and under has the weight and speed of a 12 bore
side by side and I have had no problem changing from my favoured sideplated
Boxlock. I’ve opted for a double trigger, which is one of the standard options
on all our guns, and I’m hoping my chosen configuration may vastly improve my

Boxall & Edmiston are part of a significant revival of the British gun trade. “We have several trainee
gun makers and are working to ensure the great craft of
British gun making stays alive for generations to come” they say.