Signing this petition is probably the most important thing you will do today. Parliament debate the petition to ban grouse shooting on 31st October. Make sure you have your say before then.


Grouse shooting is under threat. And we need YOU to sign the petition to protect grouse shooting and grouse moors. The petition to ban grouse shooting is to be debated in Parliament on 31 October. To aid our side of the debate please SIGN the petition to protect grouse moors and grouse shooting TODAY.

Mark Avery’s petition to ban grouse shooting has amassed over 120,000 signatures. Many of these are from people with no real understanding of the countryside and the benefits that grouse moors and grouse shooting bring to both conservation and the wider economy. We MUST make sure the real side of the debate is heard. So we encourage you to sign and share this petition. And encourage your friends to do the same. By making your mark you are supporting a rural, sustainable way of life and one that The Field and our readership cherish.

The pre debate can be viewed on Parliament TV.


Grouse shooting keeps grouse moors alive, aids conservation and brings money, jobs and wildlife benefits to the area. The gift of grouse campaign demonstrates just what benefits accrue from the management of grouse moors by the shooting community and grouse keepers.

Read about the men and women who spend their days in the field as grouse beaters.

The grouse is a wild quarry, a sustainable wild food and far better suited to the plate than the doughy mass produced chickens of industrial farming. For those who understand the link between food and field or want to understand more we recommend you cook grouse. You can try a traditional roast grouse recipe. Or grouse salad.


Deputy Editor Alexandra Henton says:

The petition to protect grouse moors and grouse shooting is not only for those who shoot grouse. It should be signed by anyone who takes their gun into the field, follows hounds or wades into a river rod in hand. It is vital that the countryside community stand together in the face of anti-activity, whatever form that activity may take. In this case it is Mr Avery’s highly-strung petition.

If you know that the people who care most for the countryside are those that live in it, then please sign the petition.

If you believe it is healthier and more sustainable to understand where your food comes from than receive it plastic wrapped, then please sign the petition.

If you who understand that a rural economy depends on fieldsports and shooting to thrive, then please sign the petition.

Thank you.