London Best Gun and Rifle makers Purdey are celebrating 200 years of trading in the capital this year. How better to mark the occasion than by introducing a special trio of guns that exemplify their craftsmanship and innovation over the last two centuries. The two shotguns and one double-barreled rifle come with a motor case based on one made for King George VI as well as a secure mahogany and impact-proof tubular glass display case.

12-bore side-by-side game gun


Having been in production continuously since 1880 this hammerless ejector is well proven and features Purdey’s own self-opening Beesley action. Each gun is made with extraordinary attention to detail to ensure perfect fit, balance and consistent pattern.

20-bore Damascus over-and-under gun

Though Purdey have been making over-and-unders since 1923 acquiring the renowned James Woodward & Company in 1923 confirmed their reputation for this style. The 1950 design has been refined over 60 years and remains in production today. The bicentenary gun is made with Damascus steel with its great tensile strength and unique beautiful patterning.

.470 Express double rifle

A breech loading two-winged bullet and deeper bore groves developed by James Purdey and his son James the younger in 1865 lead to a longer range and more accurate rifle with high speed and flat bullet trajectory, remenicant to James the younger of the new express trains and so, the ‘express rifle’ was born.