Sean and Suzie O’Callaghan are publicans with military connections, Sean having had a 30 year Naval career and Suzie remaining a TA nurse so it is perhaps not surprising that they have chosen to support the Royal British Legion. Fundraising starts with their pub, the Montague Inn near Wincanton hosting a stunning collaborative exhibition from 28th October when the Legion will launch its Poppy Appeal for 2011.

Ted Milligan was a survivor of Stalag Luft 7 and the forced march to Stalag 3A at Luckenwalde. Milligan found art a comfort to him as a prisoner of war and more recently was encouraged to take up his pencil again by young artist Jon England. Milligan has produced evocative pencil sketches from memory of the forced march and camp life. England is particularly concerned with the connection between a works medium and its subject, he has created equally moving pieces such as a drawing of Ted Mulligan’s boots made using World War II boot polish. Using different media, and with a 60 year age gap between them, both artists’ work has been inspired the the reality of war.

The Royal British Legon has been collaborating with Help 4 Heroes to create Recovery Centers, notably one in Tidworth to cover the West Country and serve as a bridge for injured servicemen between Hedley court and a return to their regiments or civilian life.

Ted Milligan died in July of this year and the exhibition will also serve as a memorial to his life.

For more information on the work visit Jon England’s website