The debate over lead ammunition has been running for many years now.

Domestically, those that oppose its use have consistently failed to produce any

proven scientific evidence to support a ban. Moreover, faced such a lack of

evidence, they continually switch between environmental and health issues in

their vain attempt at gaining public support.

A further threat comes from the European Union. The European Chemical Agency

(ECHA) started to look into the issues of all uses of lead. As part of their

research, they instructed a company to collect evidence as to the level of use

of lead ammunition around Europe. This was responded to jointly by all the

shooting organisations through FACE.

The Countryside Alliance believes that these threats on lead are unjustified.

As far as the shooting community are concerned, those that want it banned have

consistently failed to produce evidence that would support a ban. Granted, if

someone finds and proves incontrovertibly that lead causes serious damage to

health or wildlife then we are willing to talk. Until that point the status quo

must remain.

We further believe this threat from Europe could be greater than the one we

face domestically. Shooting throughout the United Kingdom would be

disproportionately affected if there were a blanket ban on lead use across

Europe. Our shooting is too important to the environment and the rural economy

to be decided by Brussels, which is why I am proud to announce our new e-lobby.

This will give all UK shooters the ability to lobby their MEPs on the issue of

when it comes up in the European Parliament.

I would urge anyone involved in shooting to get active on lead shot and