For the last four decades, artist Colin See-Paynton has been an integral proponent of wood engraving in the United Kingdom. His work has been celebrated in numerous collections throughout the world, namely the V & A and Ashmolean Museum. He has been credited with the titles Fellow of the Royal Cambrian Academy, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and member of the Society of WoodEngravers.

Wildlife preservation is the driving force behind Paynton’s work. His art highlights and records man’s exploitation of natural resources and its ominous effects on wildlife.Paynton’s love and plenary understanding of nature and wildlife is reflected in the literal resemblance of his work, and has been praised by none other then Sir David Attenborough. He expressed “palpable pleasure” in Paynton’s art, stating that the innovative use of texture in his wood engraving has brought “something new to the portrayal of birds”.

The wood engraving ‘Parliament of Owls’ featured here is from his new exhibition ‘Of A Feather – An Avian Alphabet’ has launched at the National Library of Wales and is currently touring the UK. More information can be found