What to wear out hunting

It is important to be comfortable and smart when riding to hounds. The Field guides you through sartorial hunting matters. Put your best breeches forward.

Best clothes brush to clean a hunt coat

The best clothes brush to clean a hunt coat

I am struggling to find a clothes-brush to clean my hunt coat, which is often very muddy (although last winter was much kinder than most). Do you know a company…

Shoot and hunt. Lord Portsmouth

Breeks to breeches: the men who shoot and hunt

The sporting switch from shooting to hunting. Why do seasoned shooters decide to risk their necks and take up hunting? Caroline Bankes investigates the decision to move from shooting to…

Hunting Black Runs.

Hunting Black Runs

Hunting black runs can strike fear into the hearts of the fearless. Talked about in whispers, whooped about in triumph. Which are the hunting black runs that make grown men…