A fishing and stalking week beautifully captured on film. This atmospheric short video documents a week in the West Highlands.

Fishing and stalking for a week in the Highlands is top of many to do lists. The sporting break has long been a Field favourite and after watching this video you will be keen to book your own week on hill and stream. If you need a guiding hand The Field has chosen some of the best sporting lodges perfect for a sporting holiday.  And can offer best advice for those keen on going deer stalking, salmon fishing – be a Laird for the week.


This video beautifully documents a weeks salmon fishing and stalking on the Nonach Estate in Ross-shire near Dornie. The river Ling is a small but classic West Highlands spate river in a spectacular setting which runs into Loch Long. The beat is six miles long and offers fisherman large deep pools and fast moving rapids which can be fished from both the bank and from the middle of the river. A good week will see 30 or so fish caught but all depends on the water levels which can rise and fall in a matter of hours.

The video was shot and edited by Will Holloway who runs a London based video production company called Voop Productions if you are keen to have your own week filmed. The video features friends and family enjoying a week fishing and stalking, and a wonderful shot of Will’s father Edward playing and landing a fish with the help of Will’s older brother Nick. Edward and his party have been fishing the river since 1978 with the younger generation joining in more recent history.

We hope you enjoy the film and it allows you to escape to river bank, glen and hill for just a few minutes!

This fishing and stalking sojurn is a diverting delight for the deskbound countryman.