Spectacular RISE film festival showcases the world's best fly fishing film makers

A true celebration of fly fishing, RISE is in it’s 8th year and brings gripping footage from Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Tahiti, USA and Bolivia to screens across Europe in high definition. The Courthouse Hotel cinema in London will host the festival on Wednesday 14th May. Find your nearest show here.


After their success with Predator, Gin-Clear Media has produced the feature film of this year’s festival, LEVIATHAN. There are monsters here to make your eyes water and epic battles between man and fish. With gargantuan brown trout from New Zealands’s hidden spring creeks in the Bay of Plenty, great rainbow trout from the Jurassic Lake in Patagonia and bruising giant trevally from the South Pacific to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this film promises to leave anglers gasping like a banked fish.