Ice driving is tremendous fun and a jolly useful skill to have for a British winter. Even if our conditions are a little less extreme.


Ice driving requires the same skill set, just tailored slightly differently, whether you are negotiating a dicey commuter run, or ice driving hell for leather on specially crafted ice race tracks.

This video shows fast and frenetic ice driving in Kuusamo, Lapland in Finland courtesy of four time Rally World Champion Juha Kankkunen and D1 Ultimate GT. He puts the Lamborghini and Maserati through their paces on the ice. Supercars on ice, definitely something to put on the bucket list.

For more mundane circumstances, when ice on the road is likely to scupper your sport unless you proceed with caution, follow the tips below.


  1. Keep your speed lower than when driving on snow.
  2. Avoid spinning the wheels.
  3. And avoid over- or under-steering as much as possible.

And when the weather worsens and the snow falls, ensure you know how to drive in snow, best tips for safe driving. You may have a four-wheel drive with electronic traction control but that doesn’t negate knowing how to handle a situation when the weather turns hostile.

Anything with rear wheel drive is best left at home. I doubt the elderly BMW that served as a Shire runaround (3 series, white, fully embracing the 80s vibe in the mid-noughties) would count as a supercar. But it did inspire a deep seated affection with its scrappy attitude to the worst of the British weather. It was nothing less than lethal on snow and ice, but with old school driving skills it bested some very inclement winters. The drive through the snowy wilds of Leicestershire to make it to the hunt quiz was the apex of its career.

Any car can cope with the cold weather conditions if you know how to drive them correctly.

When you do have to drive in snow or on ice your vehicle will act differently, therefore you have to drive differently. Think ahead and try and keep a constant speed, even if it is slow. Be deliberate and try to limit tight turns, accelerating and braking