Gundogs can leave a house scarily hairy, especially as they lose their coat when the seasons change. Learn how to reduce gundog shedding with a few simple tips that will save hours on the hoovering

Fed up of constantly hoovering? There are certain things you can do that will help reduce gundog shedding. There is no way to completely stop shedding, it is a natural process that allows dogs to shed hair in preparation for their new coats. However it is noted that certain breeds are more prone to shedding than others. Fielders may not be surprised to know that labradors are one of the worst offenders for gundog shedding, because they have a shorter hair shaft life span and a more abundant undercoat.

Reducing gundog shedding means less time spent hoovering and more time spent with your hound. So try our recommendations for 7 things to do off season with your gundog. In fact those concerned about purchasing a field companion due to shedding fears now know how to reduce gundog shedding and therefore may be interested in reading how to buy a gundog: The Field’s top tips and browsing The Field’s favourite labradors for inspiration.


For the past three years my black labrador, aged five, has moulted excessively. How can I reduce the amount of hair?

GC, Northumberland

Shedding of hair used to be a seasonal thing but nowadays many dogs seem to moult all year round. This is thought to be due to pets living in centrally heated and artificially illuminated homes so their bodies no longer respond to natural temperature and light. There is no miracle cure but you can reduce the amount of hair produced.

Daily brushing with the correct brush – most dogs need more than one type of brush, ask your vet which type to use on your breed – is essential. A diet rich in vitamins and essential oils will help keep your dog’s coat in good condition. If bald patches appear during shedding, consult your vet as this might be due to parasites, infection or allergies, all of which could increase the amount of hair that is being lost by your dog.