We have a large tree in our field that is being slightly damaged by the assortment of livestock that uses it and the ground underneath is no longer suitable for us to sit on! The tree offers a wonderful view of the area around and we enjoy wasting time watching the world go by. We have been looking at tree guards but would like to combine tree guard and seat if possible. We have seen a few wooden ones but they haven't been large enough. Can you help?
IAL, Gloucestershire

A hard-wearing, made-to-measure circular steel tree seat can be ordered from Paddock Fencing. The seat is usually painted black but you can choose to pay more for another colour. The cost of a seat, one metre in diameter, starts at £1,100. For full details and prices, call 01733 270580.

If you prefer wood, Andrew Crace can make a piece to order that incorporates a guard but he warns that the guard would need to be high in case the stock tried to use it as a step. Call him on 01279 842685.

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