Have a cherished eiderdown that's seen better days? Read on.

The finishing touch to a well-made bed (along with hospital corners) used to be an eiderdown, which would lie on top to perform both a decorative, and warming function.

Then along came the duvet and the eiderdown, along with sheets and blankets, rather fell out of fashion. (Read cold houses and how to stay warm in winter.)

Newly popular

However, in recent years, eiderdowns have enjoyed a new boost in popularity. Today they tend to be used on top of a duvet, as an extra layer or folded neatly at the end of the bed as a footer. They might also be ranged along the back of a sofa.

An eiderdown on the bed is the epitome of vintage style and if you have one tucked away in the airing cupboard or in a blanket box somewhere, then it could be time to bring it out again.

If however your old eiderdown has seen better days, fear not. There are a few companies who can help by recovering and restuffing old bedding. The Feather Company can restore and recover old eiderdowns. The company will take a look at your old eiderdown and let you know their recommendations, prices and how long it will all take. (The company also rejuvenates old pillows and duvets.)

A new eiderdown?

If however you decide that the cost of saving your old eiderdown is more than it’s worth but you want a new eiderdown to replace the old favourite, then Dearest Violet will make eiderdowns to order in your choice of fabric, or offer their own range of eiderdowns, in chintzes and ticking.

Sarah Hardaker also offers traditional feather filled eiderdowns which are handmade in Devon. Sizes vary from a single to a king-size and you can have contrasting fabrics on either side.

You’ll also find vintage eiderdowns galore on Etsy.