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Q: It’s a real joy to be able to buy a large selection of salami on the market, but I find I am given different advice on the best way to store salami.

I’d like to give whole salamis as gifts to people as I have a good supplier and as a gift it always seem to be welcomed. However I’d like to send storage advice on the attached Christmas card and am not sure what to say. Can you help please?

Tips on how to store salami

The good news is that as a cured meat you can store salami for months. The best way to store any cured meat is by hanging it in a cool and ventilated place (approximately 10ºC to 15ºC) where it will continue to mature. If this is not possible, then place in the fridge.


Remove only enough skin to access the quantity of salami you require

Keep the skin on

Salami is best eaten as soon as it is cut and you should remove only enough skin to access the quantity of salami you require. Without the skin, it won’t last, even if stored in the fridge.

Once cut, the salami should be covered tightly with cling film around the cut surface and placed in the fridge. You may notice that the cut end of the salami discolours – this is due to slight oxidation. The salt may also have started to crystallise on the end surface, which may alter the taste slightly, but it will just be the end piece that is affected and the remainder of the salami will be fine.

Salami also makes a great bar snack – read our guide to the best British bar snacks here.

Interesting fact

In 2009 Will Gow, the great-nephew of Shackleton, undertook an expedition to the South Pole and included 15kg of salami in his provisions. “Mealtimes are vital for keeping morale high” commented Will.

This article was originally published in 2007 and has been updated.

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