Trying to stop a determined dog chewing can be a challenge but The Field is on hand to help a reader.



We have a very chewy young dog. We have never had such a chewer before. Shoes, coats, table and chair legs, and the bottom of cupboards have all fallen victim. Friends have recommended an array of hot condiments, all of which have failed. How can we stop our dog from chewing?

How to stop a dog chewing

This is a very common problem, especially in younger dogs who may be teething. Distraction is usually the best course of action: give your dog something else to chew. Gundog specialists Field and Fireside sells puppy Kong chews, which can be filled with a dog-friendly treat. These are even better if put in the freezer as the cold will help soothe sore gums.

Is your dog still chewing?

A Grannicks Bitter Apple spray (available on Amazon) has been recommended before by a few Field readers. More often than not, the dog will lick the spray but doesn’t return to chew the item. It would definitely seem to be worth a try.

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