The seat of our club fender has been well used over the years by children, party guests and guns reliving the day's shooting. All in all, it's looking rather tired and needs some attention. Can you recommend someone to repair it?
CCM, Bedfordshire

The seat can be re-covered (or remade if its wooden base has deteriorated) by Norfolk Fender Seats based in King’s Lynn. When a club fender seat is removed for re-covering it is common to find that the main body has deteriorated. The company can remake the club fender seat before re-covering it.

The covering can be in any colour fabric or leather. Colours can be matched for an extra cost if a sample is supplied. Deliver the seat to Norfolk Fender Seats, Elder Farm, Grimston, King’s Lynn, PE32 1BJ.

Two small L-shaped seats would cost £250 to re-cover in leather or £315 with deep-buttoned leather. For information, call 01485 520809.

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