A dependable corkscrew is imperative to any wine sipping household. If the auger has started to shear off and you're considering a trip to the atic, we have a solution.

Knowing how to repair your corkscrew is crucial to keep the party going. Nothing is worse than a man without his most important appendage. And if the corkscrew belonged to your dearest grandpapa and has been opening bottles for generations then don’t bin it, have it repaired.

The Field’s Country Queries has a good contact who knows how to repair your corkscrew with minimal fuss. So the Merlot in the cellar will not be there much longer.

In the interim while your faithful corkscrew is being repaired decide just what to open when you get it back.  The Field’s Johnny Ray suggests chilled red wine as a summer alternative to standard white. A good solid grape never goes out of fashion so try the best red wines from the Decanter World Wine Awards 2010 and discover some great booze to pair with your supper.

QUERY: I have a corkscrew that has served my grandfather, then my father and now me for more than a hundred years. God alone knows how many bottles we’ve collectively enjoyed. Recently the auger sheared off. Can you recommend someone who can repair or replace it? My daughter anticipates another century of steady use.

PD, Surrey


ANSWER: Field readers recommend several methods concerning how to repair your corkscrew.

To repair your corkscrew when the auger has started to shear, contact Richard Andrews of Andrews Restorations in Oxfordshire. He would try to repair the auger with specialist soldering so it is crucial that you save the broken screw for authenticity. To repair your corkscrew Email a photograph of the corkscrew to: richard@andrewsrestorations.co.uk, from which he will able to quote for the work and give a timescale, or call him on 07590 694026.

Once your corkscrew is repaired, and your vintage bottle of red has been hauled up from the cellar, find Jonathan Ray’s wine suggestions in the every edition of The Field.