Dog odour is something nobody wants to share a car with, however much we love our gundogs. How to keep your driving experience sweet smelling, even with a canine passenger.

Looking for a simple way to remove dog odour from a car? Try generously sprinkling the area where the dog sits with bicarbonate of soda. Leave this for 20 to 30 minutes, then vacuum the area well. This can be repeated. Another tip is to leave a shallow bowl of vinegar in the car overnight. This should remove any lingering dog odour.

Little and often

Ensuring the car interior, especially the boot, is cleaned frequently. This will help maintain a good atmosphere for both canine and human passengers. There’s no need for a full valet every week. Quickly vacuuming up dog hairs and any dried mud and debris that may have fallen from your dog’s coat will do. Done frequently, this will work wonders in your vehicle’s interior.

(Picture credit: Sarah Farnsworth)

Defend against dog odour

Keeping your car clean will be made easier with one or two pieces of inexpensive canine kit. Crating your dogs in the car or lining you boot with an easily removable dog bed will confine some of the mess and dog odour. So, too, would using one of the readily available drying suits after particularly muddy walks or wet days in the field.

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